Community Development is one of the key tools in community capacity building & Training. This course has been created to support the understanding and effective application of community development. Community capacity is an important consideration in community development as the process of community development itself often results in increased capacity. Therefore, the two are interrelated but distinct. Combined or separate, they both have a great deal to do with developing potential and enhancing community living. This course was designed to look at community development, realizing that capacity building and other processes often get confused with it. This introductory course is not designed to be a textbook for practitioners, but as an introductory guide to community development and capacity building. It is designed primarily for those who have an interest or are involved in community development but who may not have an in-depth understanding of the concept, the process or the resources available.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for:

  • Government & Municipal officials who are involved in community work
  • Members of communities, particularly office bearers involved in Community Based Organization (CBO) Projects
  • Those who wish to acquire the basic skills of Community Development.
  • For those already possessing knowledge about the topic and/or experience in the field, this course provides an ideal starting point for exploring and initiating community development and reviewing the basics of the community development process.


What You Will Accomplish

Candidates will receive a comprehensive course manual for post class reference and review, as well as a certificate of completion.