Knowledge First

Our corporate social responsibility program “Knowledge First”


In 2009, DMT Seminars launched a corporate social responsibility program named Knowledge First.

Bringing appropriate training to people in need.


  • young adults, 18 to 25
  • Ill, marginalized, at-risk, or otherwise disadvantaged youth


  • Bring training through communications and support,
  • Provide opportunities for career development in the administration and management fields


At all our public course throughout Southern Africa.

The Selection Process

Non-profit organizations and NGOs submit a Proposal based on Knowledge First criteria. Proposals are reviewed by the Pre-selection Committee of Knowledge First.


Mandatory Criteria:

  • The project proposal falls within the Knowledge First theme.
  • The partner organization has already led programs for our target  group,
  • Is a non-profit group,
  • Has proof of legitimacy,
  • Has experience with corporate partnerships,
  • Provides audited financial accounting documents,
  • And has a diverse and stable economic foundation.

Other Considerations:

  • The project is relevant to Knowledge First and what we are trying to accomplish,
  • And this relevance is set out in a plan with fixed goals for successful completion,
  • Its viability and ongoing nature,
  • The transparency of its accounting structure,
  • The strength of its overall budget, and its ability to assist with financial support.